Custom Church Furniture: Furniture by Type

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A collection of custom designed altars created by Remmert Studios.

Ambos, Lecturns, Cantor Stands

A collection of worship furnishings handcrafted by Remmert Studios. They range from simple pieces to complex assemblies with adjustable height mechanisms.

Ambry Gallery

These cabinets and stands to hold the oil vessels range through many styles from gothic to contemporary.

Baptismal and Holy Water Fonts

Some fonts use simple bowls crafted from local stone and others have intricate designs featuring Corian or handmade copper bowls. Some have pump assemblies and internal reservoirs to provide running water.


A collection of candlesticks for use in various liturgical functions. These are all designed by Remmert Studios. The forging was contracted out to Medwedeff Forge.


Used for liturgical functions within the sanctuary.

Crosses and Crucifixes

These include processional Crosses, stations and large ones for hanging in the sanctuary. Most of the designs are very unique.


Decorative veneers, hand-forged hardware and durable joinery are some of the qualities found in doors that have been crafted or refurbished by Remmert Studios.

Hymn Boards

We can create customized counter-weight and rail systems for hymn boards. They can be mounted high for easy viewing and lowered quickly for easy changing of numbers.


These are designed and crafted for myriad uses. Double kneelers are usually used for marriage ceremonies.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are often used with stained glass where outdoor lighting is not available.

Moveable Walls

Large, portable walls are used to alter the size and feel of interior spaces. Some chapels use them to create an entry space yet permit the addition of more seating for large gatherings.

Paschal Candlesticks

These large candlesticks are often more decorative than the others. They are usually designed to complement the baptismal font.

Sanctuary Lamps

Collection of custom designed sanctuary lamps.


The tabernacles are designed and created with special care going into the details. They often incorporate custom brass work, gold leaf and detail work such as carving. They are always made with locks and provisions to fasten them to the floor or wall.

Tables and Pedestals

Credence tables, stands for statues and similar types of furniture can be found here.

Wall Art

These are typically sculptures and other works of art that are used for decorative or symbolic purposes.